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Got back to London last night. Some mates met me at the airport with a bottle of bubbly! Great way to come home.

The last few days in Bangkok were hectic. An old mate came up from Singapore. Hadn’t seen him in ages so we partied for Britain. In between the drinking I had to go back to the warehouse to re-assemble the bike as they wanted it in the same condition as it was when I arrived. Not easy refitting wheels and brakes on top of a Singha hangover.

Had a great night out on Saturday and met up with my cousin Rachel and her family. They have relocated to Bangkok – I’m soooo envious.

I’ve got those post holiday blues. You remember the feeling you’d get going back to school after a cracking summer holiday? Well, I feel like that x 10.

But back to reality and to the grind and start earning money again for the next trip which I’m thinking will be a round the world trip following the route taken by the first ever RTW biker in 1914. If I can pull it together I’ll film it properly but will need sponsors to help cover the cost. If anyone is interested, drop me an email and I’ll send you the details.

Once I’ve caught up with work and post etc. I’ll spend a few days uploading all the images and videos that I didn’t get round to during the trip.

Thank you again to everyone who made a donation to my charity. If you’d like to donate please do!

If you’re planning a trip like mine and need any help or advice, feel free to email me.

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