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Day 3 West of Vienna to Kosice

What an amazing day’s riding.
650 kms from about 90 mins west of Vienna to Kosice. Now enjoying a cold beer.
I’ll write more later but what a day.
Blue skies
mid 20s
Great roads – A21 into Vienna and R1 across Slovakia both spectacular. Some of the A roads in Slovakia are in poor condition but the scenery makes up for it I have some videos and pics to upload once I find a decent connection. 3G is intermittent.
Had first run in with the long of the law. Fair dos, guv, he had me bang to rights. Nitra in Slovakia. 64 in a 50. Parted company with 40 euros.

Sound track song of the day … It had to happen eventually …. Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild on an empty stretch of road just before the Slovak border. Cheesey, I know

Like a knob, the helmet cam video that I shot of the A21 and R1 are useless as I had the camera pointing at the dash and handle bars – DOH! Take my word for it.Breathtaking in the sun.

Here’s some raw footage of the early part of the run into Slovakia (after I was nicked)

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