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Day 3 West of Vienna to Kosice  29th May 2011

What an amazing day’s riding.
650 kms from about 90 mins west of Vienna to Kosice. Now enjoying a cold beer.
I’ll write more later but what a day.
Blue skies
mid 20s
Great roads – A21 into Vienna and R1 across Slovakia both spectacular. Some of the A roads in Slovakia are in poor condition but the scenery makes up for it I have some videos and pics to upload once I find a decent connection. 3G is intermittent.
Had first run in with the long of the law. Fair dos, guv, he had me bang to rights. Nitra in Slovakia. 64 in a 50. Parted company with 40 euros.

Sound track song of the day … It had to happen eventually …. Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild on an empty stretch of road just before the Slovak border. Cheesey, I know

Like a knob, the helmet cam video that I shot of the A21 and R1 are useless as I had the camera pointing at the dash and handle bars – DOH! Take my word for it.Breathtaking in the sun.

Here’s some raw footage of the early part of the run into Slovakia (after I was nicked)

Day 2 Cologne to Slovakia (Almost)  28th May 2011

Today’s target was to make it into Slovakia before nightfall, however it’s still taking me over an hour to load up in the morning (which I know will get easier and quicker over the next few days) and just before the Austria border it caned it down. So much so I had to get off the autobahn and let it die down as visibility was poor and I was starting to worry about being caught from behind by someone who didn’t see me in the spray, so discretion over valor meant losing another hour.

Miles today: 480

Despite that it was a great day’s riding. I like Germany and here are some reasons why

  • You can ride as fast as you want on the Autobahn (some times) – which is a good thing
  • The scenery is stunning, even from the autobahn – which is a good thing
  • They like their rivers big and beautiful – the Thames Estuary may be big but it ain’t beautiful
  • They have cake at breakfast – which is a good thing
  • One word – Rammstein, German rock at it’s best
  • Lovely young German ladies wave and smile from the back of an Opel Corsa (at least, I think they were waving)

Enough waffle.

Tiger in GermanyThe Tiger is performing brilliantly. Even with extra load and and 17 stone of me on it, it just eats up the big miles. The temptation to take advantage of the unrestricted German highways was too much and a ton plus was easy even with the boxes and extra tyres strapped to the back.

Song of the day from the iPod… well two today

  1. Mr. Big’s live version of Baba O’Riley just as I pulled out of a petrol station and opened up the throttle – got the blood flowing
  2. Bad Things – Jace Everett – was playing as those German ladies started waving (True Blood theme and a cracking album)


What have I learned today? It doesn;t matter how hard it rains, you’ll soon dry out

Message for Arthur  28th May 2011

This is a message for Arthur, my neighbour in London. I have tried to reply to your email but it keeps bouncing.

Thanks so much for the offer, it’s genuinely appreciated but I am going south of there and straight through to Ukraine (at least that’s the plan).

Thanks again! 🙂

Fame at last  28th May 2011

Check this out. Fame at last …. Thanks to Dave Lilley for this

MCN piece. Thanks lads!

Day 1 London Cologne  28th May 2011

Day 1 uneventful and smooth, a nice way to ease in. Good night’s kip inCologne. About 330 miles total riding.
Decided to post a song of the day from my ipod thats bluetoothed in to my helmet on shuffle and put together a sound track for the trip. You won’t find any Take That on this list.
Today’s song Any Way You Want It – Journey (the live version).
Highlight of the day – some bloke dressed as a Playboy Bunny pissed staggering around the slow lane of the M25 – i kid you not

Dodgy iphone video time

The Departure Point  27th May 2011

Left from Jack Lilley Triumph pretty much on time. Dave, Stu and everyone there have been great. Thanks for all your help boys!

Set the trip computer to zero. That should provide some interesting data in 3 months time



Bike is loaded  27th May 2011

Took over an hour but at least it’s loaded up and ready to go.


Almost Ready  26th May 2011

After a bitch of a day where if it could go wrong it has, I’m almost ready. Had to sacrifice some of the kit due to lack of space.
Early start tomorrow to pick up some last minute bits then …. off! Finally!

Chinese Visa Approved  24th May 2011

My Chinese visa came though this afternoon. That’s the last piece of the puzzle, so 48 hours and counting.

I’m having one of those “what the hell are you doing moments”. Gawd I need a ciggie right now.

Off Road Motorcycle Training  22nd May 2011

As I hadn’t ridden on dirt, sand, mud or gravel since I was a teenager, I figured it might make sense to get some off road motorcycle training in before leaving to get used to the bike moving around.

The guys at Track Sense sorted me out with a day in the dirt near Heathrow. Andy, Dave and Keith were awesome, taking us through all the basics of off road and trail riding, and had us locking the front, riding over ruts, rocks and gravel, jumping obstacles and generally having fun in no time.

I’m number 5 in the video. And no, that’s not me crashing by the way.

Spent most of the day on their Yamaha 250s and took the Tiger round the track with road tyres on. Handles nicely.