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Kazakh Visa Is Approved  19th May 2011

After a bit of too-ing and fro-ing the Kazakh Embassy have issued my visa. Nice.

Mechanic Training  16th May 2011

The guys at Jack Lilley Triumph have been awesome and a huge help getting things ready. They will aslo be providing back up in case I need parts shipped out to wherever I may be, which is really good to know.

Today I spent the day with Dave Lilley, Jason, Stuart and Rob in the JL workshop with Jason doing his best to make a mechanic out of me. I learned a lot and got some great tips and advice.

Also got a chance to test the Helmet Cameras @ I’ll be taking with me to do some on bike video footage and stills. A great piece of kit.

GoPro Time Lapse Test  12th May 2011

Tested the Helmet Cameras @ with a time lapse set up shooting 1 frame per minute, works quite nicely.

Russia Visa Approved  11th May 2011

Russian visa is done. Nice one!

GoPro HD Hero  8th May 2011

The Go Pro HeroI’ll be taking some video and stills kit with me so I can post stuff to this blog as I go.

My old mate Rob Hallam at Big Tank recommended the GoPro® HD Helmet HERO™ Camera for on bike stuff. It’s an amazing bit of kit, small light weight and produces great quality videos and stills. Have a look at the tests I did on my Youtube channel. These were shot with the GoPro attached to the handle bars. Quality will be even better when I get it stuck to my skid lid.