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The Tiger On It’s Way Home

Just loaded the Tiger XC on to a flatbed and is on it’s way to be crated up and sent. Got all choked up for a while 🙂
Just the paperwork to sort out this afternoon.


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5 Responses to The Tiger On It’s Way Home

  1. David Edgell says:

    Hello mate,
    Congratulations on reaching Bangkok.
    Have followed your blog for your entire journey.
    Great that you put the time in to record and report your progress. Thanks for sharing the adventure

    Regards, David

  2. Fiona James says:

    hey, you made it! Cant believe its all over already – well done you! Proper bit of adventure, have read bits & pieces along the way, look forwards to a full breakdown when youre back xx

  3. Well done me old Cockfruit. Now it’s time to fill your boots.

    See you whenever……..


  4. phil says:

    Cheers Graham. You know what it’s like; dunno whether to laugh or cry.

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