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Zhao Tong to Kunming

After washing off the half inch of pink mud off the bike I head for Kunming.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC caked in pink mud

Blagged my way onto the Express Highway again so the road is smooth, fast and winds it’s way thropugh more fabulous scenery. It’s still cloudy but it’s cool and dry, so I’m a happy bunny. My knees and arse are even happier.

On the subject of my arse (please note the correct English spelling), several people seems to be interested in the state of it. So, for my sis, uncle Dai, my brother and Peter, Barb and Marj (the 3 lovely New Yorkers I met at the Terra Cota Warriors), my arse is in fine fettle, thank you for asking 🙂

Arrive in Kunming early evening and dine on more great food before bed. Day off tomorrow so plan on going for a wander round Kunming.

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