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Picked up the bike this morning. While I was waiting for Sergey to finish the service, I bumped into a group of Aussies and English lads (and a gal) who are on their way to Mongolia. A couple of the Eglish lads are doing the Road Of Bones as well. I’m sorely tempted to do that one next time. They’d been out on the lash with the garage boss the noght before so they were looking a lttle rough.

The bike’s had a bit of a service and had everything tightened up so it’s feeling much better today. I’ve missed it while it’s been away …. sad but true.

Was having a bite to eat at lunch time and was thinking about the ride so far and what a giggle it’s been. Can’t wait to get back on the road and into China.

I’ve developed a couple of new riding styles over the last couple of weeks since leaving London. As well as the usual sit up and beg, and off road styles the other two look like this ….

The Hill Billy
Leaning back on my tail pack, feet up on the engine bars, arse pushed forward up to the tank and looking like the fella from Wacky Races who’s lost his bear







But my personal fave is what I’ve dubbed The Slump for the long straight smooth roads. I hook the shin guards of my boots on the edges of my foot pegs so my legs are dangling a few inches off the deck, arms and elbows totally relaxed and hanging from the bar grips, arse right back in the seat, chest leaning on the tank bag with chin guard of my helmet resting on top of the tank bag so I’m fully behind the screen. Very comfy. It has the added benefit of looking to the rest of the world that I’ve fallen asleep at 70mph which gets some great reactions from other drivers. Sad, but it keeps me amused on those very rare dull stretches of road.

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