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Day 6

Near Donetsk after 10 hours riding. Would have stopped sooner but all hotels & motels have shut. Knackered so shower food beer and bed.
The roads today were a whole lot better than yesterday.

The landscape is like one enormous farm. Square km after square km of spuds, rape seed and cabbage. No trees other than wind breaks designed to stop the soil blowing away I guess.
This is punctuated by small farming villages each with it’s own cemetary, reservoir and church. I get the impression that not much has changed for these people since the fall of the Union, just different masters now, I guess. I love the reservoirs. They all have big grassy banks with wooden piers, old fellas fishing off them and all the local kids swimming in them and they generally have a little make shift bars alongside. Bet they are a cracking place to be on a Saturday night.

Spotted what looked like an old Junkers bi-plane flying low across some fields. Was about to stop and grab some video when I spotted two Ukraine old bill looking at me a little funny so decided to move on.

Today’s stats: 420 miles, roads fair to middling and to be honest the drivers ate no worse than in Portugal. Yes, they tend to get a bit close to your back tyre but that happens all the time on the M25. 10 hours riding time.

Quick visit to Donetsk tomorrow mainly to find a cash point that works, then the first big one. Russia and Volgograd! ere we go ere we go ere we go.

Sound track of the day. Stormy Monday performed by SRV and Albert King. Don’t ask me why ‘coz it was neither Stormy, nor Monday

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