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Guanyuan to Deyang

I had to laugh this morning. As we’re were leaving the hotel, 2 young lads started kocking seven shades of s..t out of eachother on the pavement. It went on for about 2 minutes by which time one was getting a proper battering from the other. A police car pulled up with 6 coppers and soldiers in it. They started shouting at the two lads which made no difference so they let rip with the siren. The two lads suddenly stood to attention, straightened their shirts and acted as though nothing had happened.

Riding through the mountains known as the 27 Peaks was stunning and a great ride. We stopped off at a defensive gate halfway up to find that there is a monument to my new Chinese namesake, Marshall Xianqian.

Marshall Shiung Tchien

Monument to Marshall Xianqian - me with the newly names "Geordie" Sh

Later that day we take in the Sanxingdui Bronze Relics – more than 5,000 years old. The two baffling things about these relics is the quality of the casting and why do the figures depicted have big noses making them all look more modern. I guess we’ll never know.
Sanxingdui Bronze Relics

Sanxingdui Bronze Relics



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