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Hanging out in Turpan

I’m staying two nights in Turpan as Frank has organised a day’s sight seeing.

Kurze Museum, Turpan

First up we vist the Karze Aquafier Museum dedicated to the hand dug underground rivers built over 1500 years ago to capture water from rainfall and snow melt and channel it to the city where the same system is used to help grow grapes and cotton. Grape Valley produces the bulk of China’s raisins, so next time you pick up a packet for your Xmas puddind down Tesco’s see if it came from Turpan before you buy.

Jiaohe Ancient City, Near Turpan

Later that day we visit Jiaohe Ancient City first settled 200 BC. I’ll post the videos as soon as YT is unblocked.

That evening we head back to the main square in Turpan for more mutton kebabs.

The local square has a huge fountain with Vegas style  lighting that synchs with music so we kick back, eat, drink and make merry.

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