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Khorgas to Yining

Next morning we have the import licence for the Tiger so we head off early to Yining to sort out my chinese driving licence and number plate.

Mr. Sh’s sat nav is playing up so it takes a while to find the right police station. The driving in the town’s is the worst I’ve ever known. You need eyes every where. There’s almost no time at all to check out the local laydees! Almost. They’re gorgeous.

After a couple of hours we find the first of two police stations. The boss and his right hand lady both come out to say hello and look at the bike.

Then we’re off to the equivalent of the DVLA. After a couple of hours I have my Chinese licence. I’m thrilled skinny!

Driver and Vehicle Licencing, Yining

Driver and Vehicle Licencing, Yining

Then disaster. The computer system crashes as my number plate was being processed, so we adjourn for lunch to a roadside cafe for tea and the best noodles I’ve ever had and then back to the station at 4 to see what the latest is. Still no computer so instead Frank arranges for us to take a letter from the boss explaining that the procedure could not be completed due to computer error but all is OK, so hopefully I won’t get arrested. I’m a little disappointed as I was planning this entire cockney ryhming slag gag about my old china plate so I can’t do that now.


So, a lot later than planned we head off towards the mountains where we will be camping at lake Sayram Hu, which Frank tells me is stunning. But not before another minor hitch and argument.

I have to fill up with fuel before we leave. At the next petrol station I am told that motorcycles cannot fill up at the pumps because the engines will make the petrol explode. You are supposed to wait by the edge of the station and someone brings 2 litres at a time in a tin kettle. There are blokes everywhere with fags on the go!

I lost my temper a little and told them to put the f’ing fuel in the f’ing tank or I’m going to f’off somehere else. After a bit of negotiation they agreed and filled me up at the pump. Now we have a routine whereby Mr. Sh and Frank go into each petrol station first and explain that the Tiger is a special British bike that will not explode at the pumps. This seems to work.

So, fully fuelled we head to the hills.

The road to the lake is both dangerous and stunning. As soon as I can get video uploaded I’ll post here so you can see for yourself.

And the lake it simply stunning. Frank tells me it is a plateau lake. Surrounded by snow capped mountains and pine forests, it’s an impressive sight. Looks like You Tube is blocked from here 🙁

The road to the lake

On the road to the lake

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