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A massive thanks to all the people who have helped me out over the last few weeks and to those who will be supporting me during my trip. Please visit their sites and buy their products and services.

Thanks also to Bob Shead, John Rutherford and Richard Margolis who have given me some fabulous advice and help. See you for a beer soon!

Thanks to Michael and the chaps at Sena Bluetooth UK who saved my bacon by shipping out a replacement Sena SMH10 when I lost mine just before setting off on a trip. Thanks all.




Jack Lilley Triumph

Abe Sharp – Abe has given me some terrific advice on travelling through Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Check out Abe’s blog

Steve Hotson at Motoexplorers who has given me a huge amount of advice and tips, particularly on the China leg.

Phillip Gibbins at Rider’s Corner in Chiang Mai – Phil has a really useful forum for adventure motorcycle riding in South East Asia and I’ll definitely be staying at Rider’s Corner when I get there.

Riders Corner

Jim Barbush at Remote Asia has given me some seriously useful information about riding in and out of Laos.

Remote Asia

Thanks to Marat at Silk Off Road for tips on bike documentation and border controls

Thanks to Bengt at Sena for helping me out with Bluetooth spares. Great product, great people.