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Quick Update From Xian

Just a quick update. Am currently in Xian which is one hell of a city. Arrived in the dark late last night and managed to negotiate the traffic – frightening.

Spent today sight seeing including Bampo village – 5,000 year old archaeological site on the edge of the city, and the Cotta Warriors.

Bampo Village

Burial site at Bampo Village, 5000 year old site near Xian






A bit Blackpool sea front, but it had to be done



The pace has been relentless and been trying to cram in as much as possible so not had much time to update this blog and get new pics up but will “backfill” as soon as I get a few hours and a decent internet connection.

Just spent a couple of hours with Mr. Sh and Frank figuring out the best route south. The weather is still bad further south and floods, landslides and road washouts are still happening so it may mean either taking a big detour or possibly having to strap the Tiger to the back of Mr. Sh’s pick up and taking the Expressway (I’ve been officially kicked off the Expressways after our little scam was discovered – more about that later) until we get to Kunming. We’re looking at the CCTV news now.

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