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Productive Day In Almaty

As well as getting the Tiger teed up for a service on Monday morning, managed finally to cash some travellers cheques (not easy in KZ) and went for an aimless wander round Almaty.

I’m liking this town. When you get away from the lunatic drivers, it’s a very leafy, quiet sort of town.

I set out to find Republic Square so went wandering in the general direction as I tend to do and stumbled across the KZ Biker’s Club.

Dmitriy Petrukhin, KZ Bike Club President and his Beemer

The President, Dimitry Petrukhin was in and made me very welcome. Top bloke. He spent 5 years travelling the world on a big Beemer which he gave me a DVD of. Will watch that later. From what I gather he is also deputy mayor and a prime mover in the local Olympics movement. Check out his site

Oh, and allegedly, punk is not dead, but is alive and kicking in Almaty …

Punk's Not Dead

Punk lives on in Almaty

Also uploaded some Almaty pics to the gallery and new videos on You Tube

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