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Sunset over the Volga

This city’s rocking! It all happens on the river bank. Just been for a stroll and dinner. All very civilised


Morning after up early. Found a Yamaha dealer selling everything from boat motors to off road bikes and quads. They showed me where to get new tryes fitted. The guys at the tyre fitters looked at the bike, the Nissins and disks and explained, yes they can fit them, but I’d have to take the wheels out and put ’em back in again. Not a problem after Jason’s expert training down at Jack Lilleys before I left. Like a berk I forgot to ask them to balance the front so am having to put up with a low speed wobble on the front. Will try to find a garage in KZ and get them both balanced.

Wheel Out

Wheel Out

The Tyre Fitters in Astrakhan

The Tyre Fitters in Astrakhan

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