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Volgograd to Astrakhan

Free Wifi! And it’s quick.

Thanks to Heidi for pointing out that two girls working the pumps and three on the tills makes 5 girls not 4. Maths was never my strong point. Thanks Heidi!

Another “quick blast” between Vologograd and Astrakhan. Roads are pretty good except for cows, goats and other farm animals in the road. Came over the brow of one hill to find two calves asleep in the road. Not a problem, just backed off and weaved around them, but some of the locals in cars are doing well over 80 mph … that’s going to get messy.

The churches dominate all the villages I drive trough … this one loomed out of nowhere on the M6 between Volgograd and Astrakhan


Church before Astrakhan on M6







Here’re a few videos



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