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Oval Motorcycle Centre  9th January 2012

For the bikers among you, check out these guys

Great idea and Matt who runs the place is a proper race engineer and a really knowlegable and helpful bloke

Still Got The Blues  20th September 2011

Still got the post trip blues, but looking forward to the next trip. In the meantime Phil at Riders Corner in Chiang Mai just sent me this road report from Laos … awesome. Check it out.

Ride South East Asia  15th August 2011

Check this out for a trip – this is Phil who runs Rider’s Corner in Chiang Mai. What would you give?

Tiger's coming home at last  15th August 2011

After a couple of delays due to a customs cock-up the bike is being shipped tomorrow. Can’t wait to get it back.

Triumph Tiger XC in Bangkok

Triumph Tiger XC in Bangkok


Who Says You Can't Go Home  13th August 2011

Bangkok airport on my way home. Partied for Britain the last 2 days so more knackered than riding 24 hours through Kazakh desert. Sad that its all over but excited about going home and excited about the next trip which I’m thinking will be round the world. That is going to need sponsors though so any offers?

Back in Blighty  8th August 2011

Got back to London last night. Some mates met me at the airport with a bottle of bubbly! Great way to come home.

The last few days in Bangkok were hectic. An old mate came up from Singapore. Hadn’t seen him in ages so we partied for Britain. In between the drinking I had to go back to the warehouse to re-assemble the bike as they wanted it in the same condition as it was when I arrived. Not easy refitting wheels and brakes on top of a Singha hangover.

Had a great night out on Saturday and met up with my cousin Rachel and her family. They have relocated to Bangkok – I’m soooo envious.

I’ve got those post holiday blues. You remember the feeling you’d get going back to school after a cracking summer holiday? Well, I feel like that x 10.

But back to reality and to the grind and start earning money again for the next trip which I’m thinking will be a round the world trip following the route taken by the first ever RTW biker in 1914. If I can pull it together I’ll film it properly but will need sponsors to help cover the cost. If anyone is interested, drop me an email and I’ll send you the details.

Once I’ve caught up with work and post etc. I’ll spend a few days uploading all the images and videos that I didn’t get round to during the trip.

Thank you again to everyone who made a donation to my charity. If you’d like to donate please do!

If you’re planning a trip like mine and need any help or advice, feel free to email me.

Crating up the bike  2nd August 2011

Just got back from the logistics warehouse getting the bike crated up ready to go. Had to take off the mirrors, wheels, screen to get the size down and therefore the cost down.


The Tiger On It's Way Home  1st August 2011

Just loaded the Tiger XC on to a flatbed and is on it’s way to be crated up and sent. Got all choked up for a while 🙂
Just the paperwork to sort out this afternoon.


Happy Boy  31st July 2011

I’m a happy boy today. Had a night out with Pete and some of the guys from Triumph Thailand last night and Pete’s given me a brand new pannier to replace the one I managed to break in Kazakhstan. That’s Pete. Made my day.

Bangkok Baby!  30th July 2011

Rode into town about 5pm local time after roughly 400kms from Koh Chang (which was fabulous and just what I needed after over 16,000 kms riding).

Lunch was barbecued chicken, home made chilli sauce and steamed rice bought from a stall on the side of the road and shared with a handsome black puppy who appeared out of no where as soon as I unwrapped the chicken. All the dogs down this way bear a striking resemblance to Basil Brush. Does he come here on his holidays and has his evil way with loads of Thai lady dogs?

Woke up feeling a bit rough. I packed in smoking last Xmas, but promised myself a beer and cigar when I got to a beach in Thailand. I smoked 4 cigars, drank way too much beer so felt rough all morning. Got called a sheep shagger by a Thai girl in a bar when I told her I’m from Wales. There’s lovely … NOT!

So, sadly it’s all over. The trip is finished and seems like a blink of an eye but at the same time it seems like ages since I jumped on the Tiger in SW15 to head off to Europe.This has been the best thing I’ve ever done and am already thinking about the next trip.

I’ve got loads of stories and notes, pics and videos that I have yet to go through and upload. But

Only 234 kms to Bangkok

Only 234 kms to Bangkok - on the road from Koh Chang to Bangkok

when I get back to London I’ll do all that, so check back regularly for updates.

I have another week in Bangkok to sort out shipping the bike back so will do a bit more this week.


The view from my hotel room in Bangkok.