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Phitsanulok to Choburi via Cambodia

Phitsanulok was lively. Found a good hotel near the river which was right opposite a lively and nosiy night market so spent the evening wandering round the market and eating. Early night for an early start.

London to Bangkok by motorbike

Almost there ... but Cambodia first

I got about 200 kms south of Bangkok and figured I’d change the plan and head for the Cambodia border to see if I could get my visa extension today. I was making good time so figured I could get there by 5 which meant the border would still be open.

At the border I met Mr. Rady, a Cambodian entrepreneur, who for a small fee, guaranteed me a visa renewal within 40 minutes, so I gave him a  go. One of his

VIP Visa at Thai Cambodia Border

Mr. Rady, true to his word turned me around in 40 minutes

lads kept an eye on my bike and kit in the car park, one did the paperwork on the Thai side and another did the do on the Cambodian side while I sat in the shade and took a breather. True to his word 40 minutes later I was back on the bike and heading towards Chonburi. He saved me an afternoon’s messing about in the heat. If anyone wants his contact details, let me know and I can pass on his number.

Should make Choburi by lunchtine tomorrow and find a pool, some shorts and a good book for the rest of the day.

Cheeky bird enjoying someone else's lunch

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