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Hanging out in Kunming

A lie in this morning. Luxury. My room is on the 2oth floor of a very strange hotel. Great views of the city, but the bathroom lights don’t work and the bog’s blocked! Sod it, I’m off into town.

The gardens leading up to the Taoist temple in Kunming

Mad Frankie Fan decides we need to climb yet another mountain first to see another temple. This time though it is Taoist not Buddist.

Just what my knees and thighs need after the last too days, but I’m happy to go with the flow and the park that leads up to the temple is lovely and quiet so a nice easy morning.

Kunming is huge and expanding at a rate of knots. It’s noisy, polluted and the traffic is mental but I like the place.

I spend the afternoon wandering round the shops with Frankie (all the big brands are here including B and Q!). Frankie fancies KFC for lunch so to my eternal shame I agree. I’ve counted at least 6 KFC outlets and they are all mobbed. Bloody shame. Globalisation! No one is immune to it.

Downtown Kunming

Later we collect Geordie Sh and head for dinner. We find a restuarant that is run by people from Geordie’s home town in NE China, a place called Harbin so we dine on Harbin specialities including a type of black pudding and a pork and cabbage stew that reminds me a lot if good old Irish boiled beef and cabbage. Great grub.

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