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Bangkok Baby!

Rode into town about 5pm local time after roughly 400kms from Koh Chang (which was fabulous and just what I needed after over 16,000 kms riding).

Lunch was barbecued chicken, home made chilli sauce and steamed rice bought from a stall on the side of the road and shared with a handsome black puppy who appeared out of no where as soon as I unwrapped the chicken. All the dogs down this way bear a striking resemblance to Basil Brush. Does he come here on his holidays and has his evil way with loads of Thai lady dogs?

Woke up feeling a bit rough. I packed in smoking last Xmas, but promised myself a beer and cigar when I got to a beach in Thailand. I smoked 4 cigars, drank way too much beer so felt rough all morning. Got called a sheep shagger by a Thai girl in a bar when I told her I’m from Wales. There’s lovely … NOT!

So, sadly it’s all over. The trip is finished and seems like a blink of an eye but at the same time it seems like ages since I jumped on the Tiger in SW15 to head off to Europe.This has been the best thing I’ve ever done and am already thinking about the next trip.

I’ve got loads of stories and notes, pics and videos that I have yet to go through and upload. But

Only 234 kms to Bangkok

Only 234 kms to Bangkok - on the road from Koh Chang to Bangkok

when I get back to London I’ll do all that, so check back regularly for updates.

I have another week in Bangkok to sort out shipping the bike back so will do a bit more this week.


The view from my hotel room in Bangkok.

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