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Greetings from Aktobe

Hi all.
I finally made it to Aktobe. I decided to take the direct route, left Atyrau at 10 on 10 June, camped in the middle of nowhere last night and got here about 1pm local time.
The A27 from Atyrau! Apart from about 20kms each end, it’s off road all the way. And just for good measure the rain slammed down twice causing me to drop my precious Tiger twice. I’m im one piece but the bike is caked in mud, one pannier short, damaged brake and gear levesr, damaged end can, and damage pride.
Both times had to wait for someone to come past to get the bike upright. My back is the biggest issue since pulling it in Ukraine. Tried to lift it again on my own and something went crack! Massage and therapy in order, I think
I think my helmet cam was working when I dropped it the first time so standby for videos and pics. UPDATE: It was! Will post in a few mins

More later once I’ve had a shower & food.

Had the shower, but no food yet.

Just spoke to Orange. My data usage has gone through the roof, with a massive bill, so no more updates from the road unless I can find wifi like the hotel here (which by the way is like the Shining hotel, but in a city … in Asia … you get the idea. Gonna roam the corridors later with an axe shouting “Here’s Philly”)

Anyway, I digress. That ride (10th and 11th June) was hard but well worth the pain of the two “offs”. Big eagles, some in pairs every couple of miles. Great people. All honking their horns and waving. If I stop to fuel up or eat within seconds people are coming up asking where I’m from, where I’m going, how much the bike costs, how fast it goes etc. Even the police. Got stopped this morning (11th) on the way in to Actobe. All they wanted was to look at the bike. Keeps me happy. And just awesome riding. I’m really finding out where my limits are that’s for sure.

Bumped into an English couple Nina and Cluve on their way back from Almaty to Norfolk, so we had a quick 5 minute break. They were saying the road was the worst they’s ever encountered, and they weren’t pleased to hear what I’d just left behind.Great couple. Their web site about there motorcycle adventures is here
Check out the gallery for pics.

Sound track songs for the two days are

The Sky Is Crying – Gary More
Dont Cha Wanna Ride – Joss Stone

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