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The Charity – The Lewy Body Society

John Evans

My Dad

Very sadly my father passed away two years ago. He was diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease which none of us in the Evans clan had heard off. It’s a devasting disease akin to Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

The Lewy Body Society , established in June 2006 in the UK, is the only charity in Europe exclusively concerned with Dementia with Lewy bodies. The charity’s mission is to raise awareness of DLB for the general public and educate those in the medical profession and decision making positions about all aspects of the disease and to support research into the disease.

The Society is currently funding a PhD student who is doing research into the molecular genetics and functional genomics of DLB.

Help me raise some money and make a donation – just go to my Just Giving Page and follow the instructions. Couldn’t be easier.