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China Baby!

I’m genuinely feeling sad to leave Kazakhstan this morning but equally excited about crossing into China.

The riding, the poeople, the country, the deserts, even the big bad scary roads have been one hell of an experience in Kazakhstan and I want to come back.

But for now I’m concentrating on China. I’m nervous about the border crossing hoping that all my paperowork for KZ is in order so I can leave without a problem and likewise that China is all OK.

I needent have worried. The Kazakh border guards are all very friendly and helpful. I’m the first to arrive at the gate so end up chatting with the local Lieutenant who speaks some English. Then a quick look at my passport and away I go into KZ customs to clear the bike. All together it look about half an hour to complete the paperwork and formalities with the bike KZ side and I roll on the China.

I’m ordered by some very polite China border guards to park up in front of the immigration hall. A lady immigration officer comes out and with a big smile and handshake and welcomes me to China.

Mr Fan

Mr. Fan, my China guide, AKA Frank

I’m being treated like royalty. My guide Mr. Fan (aka Frank) is with me and we get pushed to the front of every queue (much to the annoyance of everyone else trying to cross the border). That process takes about and hour then the bike is x-rayed, customs agent sorts the paperwork then one final customs search and we’re through. The last customs officer looked at my passport and asks if I was really born in 1962. Yes, I reply. He puts his thumbs up and Mr Fan explains that he thought there was a mistake as I look so young! I like China already.

China Flag, Khorgas

The Red Flag Above The Hotel In Khorgas

Then I’m in China! On a Britsih motorcycle! I can’t stop grinning!

We head into Khorgas for the rest of the day as we need to pick up my temporary import licence, so we have some lunch, chat over tea before chcking in to a local hotel for a siesta. Dinner and an early night. Tomorrow Yining for my driving licence and Chinese number plate.

China Baby! Can hardly believe it.



Frank also has a driver, Mr. Sh. Mr. Sh is a top bloke, Sh means stone in Chinese.

Mr Sh

Mr Sh, Frank's driver


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