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Day 4 into Kosice into Ukraine

First up, thanks to everyone for the emails, comments calls and texts and offers. It’s good to know you are all keeping an eye on me. I plan to have a day off in Russia so I will reply to everyone then.

Special thanks for all the donations. Make me proud! And to those that haven’t yet made a donation, whatchawaitingfer 🙂 Please please please (Davina moment there).

It’s 6 am local as I right this. A little blurry still.


My Overnight Near Kosice

The Ukraine border at Uzhorod was about a 90 min ride from my overnight (great room, good food and lovely people) through the centre of Kosice. Now there’s a proper Steel Town if ever I saw one. Dirty, grubby and dusty dominated by what looks like a new-ish US Steel plant. Upcoming attractions in Kosice? Roxette (she’s looking well, but he’s had some work done judging by the pictures, either that or the airbrush has been out) and Matt Bianco. Is this where old pop acts come to retire? Surely not.

Uzhorod Border

Uzhorod Border into Ukraine

I don’t know what it is about borders, I expect them to be a bit Vegas with flashing lights and dancers and people waving bye and new people beckonining you in, but no, they never are. Only took about an hour to clear the border, pick up insurance and head off.


I’m having a love/hate relationship with the Ukraine. One minute it’s Dirtsville with arse crackingly bad roads (practice for Kaz?) the next sweeping roads through stunning valleys (think Wye valley only bigger, much bigger, and longer).

One minute getting the international Rev It! sign from kids on the side of the road (duly obliged by pulling in the clutch, giving the throttle a few quick blasts, to which they all shout like mad) to getting fleeced by the old bill at check points (I was warned).

I have to go been summoned for breakfast. More later.

And thanks again

That was the hardest 252 miles I have ever done. Part great part bloody awful. Parked up for the night. Will write some more in a bit as I think I found a wifi network.
Had to stay here, great looking place. Does medievel banquets and all that stuff. …



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