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Jiquan and The Great Wall of China

Leaving Dun Huang on fabulously flat and smooth road snaking through the desert towards Jiquan to visit the west end pass or gate of the Great Wall Of China.

I have been looking forward to this for years as the only other time I was in China was in 1999 working on a sports event in Tianjin. I was working stupid hours every day for the entire time so when the chance came up to have a day off and go the see the wall, what did I do? Overslept and missed the bus! So now I have another chance and grabbing this one!

The roads are great. Motorway all the way (still getting away with riding the bike on the highways and expressways).

The West Gate of Great Wall of China, Jiquan

The West Gate of Great Wall of China, Jiquan

Arriving at the West Gate at about 3, I dump the bike and head up the hill just in time to see a Kung Fu display depicting battles between General Gwan Yu’s troops taking on the Mongols.


I’m told every city in China has a General Gwan Ju temple as he was the ultimate kick ass Chinese soldier and sorted out all the potential invaders.

General Gwan Yu

General Gwan Yu - Scary looking mofo

The West Gate and the wall do not disappoint. The general’s quarters are well worth a visit, complete with waxworks characters (I’m told they are made by Madame Tussauds).


After spending a couple of hours wandering around the gate, we’re off to our next stop. Camping at the foot of the Great Wall!

Chairman Mao once said that you could not be a hero until you have walked the wall so I’m looking to get some hero points pretty soon.

We pitch camp an hour later, and I go for a walk up the hill along the wall.Not the best idea in bike kit!

The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall Of China

A bunch of young Chinese tourists turn up at our camp site later that evening facinated by the bike. They all want photos of me adn the bike.


Picnic dinner and drink too much scotch!

Then the skies opened and it hammered down all night

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