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Dun Huang, Mogao Caves and Crescent Lake

Frankie wasn’t happy with the hotel so we moved up the street to a new one called Guanyuan. Way better.

Mogao Caves

Mogao Caves

Mogao Caves were carved out of the rock around 1500 years ago by early Buddhist monks. The caves include two huge Buddah Carvings. Very impressive.


Next up was the Cresecent Lake on the edge of the desert sand dunes which is a spring that popped up in the middle of the dunes and now attracts thousands of visitors every week.

I was a bit shocked at the entrance fees for both. On a par with UK prices but definitey worth a visit.

That evening was taken up with a Mongolian hot pot which is a big pot of boiling water on a gas ring, plates of different fish and meat pieces (including tripe), which you chuck in the pot, boil up and then mix in with different pastes and spices. Washed down with beer and Mr. Sh’s 58% Chinese vodka. Lethal.

Crescent Lake

Fat Lad at the Cresecent Lake

We finished the evening off with a proper massage down the road from the hotel. And before you say anything it was a proper massage, head to toe and no happy ending. Really needed it after the battering I’ve taken over the last few weeks.


Off to the Great Wall tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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