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Day 5

No 3g or wifi here so this is on my iphone via gprs (i hope)

You know I said I was having a love/hate relationship with Ukraine? Today I love it.

iphone Tom Tom took the most direct route from Ivano Frankikivsk to Vinnycha. I’m sure there was probably a better road but this was awesome straight through a big agricultural rural chunk of the Ukraine. And the most demanding riding yet. My off road skills are improving no end and the Tiger was born for this. Total concentration required.

Even the “good” roads are pitted with pot holes so am having to keep my eyes open. Where they have fixed some holes but they’ve just filled them with tar so the first truck that goes over them on a hot day creates these little launch pads. Great on a skateboard but not on a motorcycle and you don’t spot ’em. Rough on the testicles.

First minor drama today. Managed to drop the bike off the side stand while doing a roadside re-fuel from Jerry cans. No real damage but I was struggling to get it back up til a farmer stopped to help. That’s a worry in Kazakhstan in the middle of no where. Going to have to jettison some of the spares to lighten it up a little.

Iphone keeps overheating in the SW Motech pouch on the tank bag. Any ideas on keeping it cool anyone? Gonna punch some holes in the back to try to get some airflow round it. Need it for sat nav.

Staying the night in the most luxurious truck stop I ever came across. These are just the gardens



Did i mention it’s hot? Dusry and very hot.

More later

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